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regenerate nature & improve life

We are WorldLife

Nice to meet you

We are WorldLife and we have one goal: regenerate nature and improve life conditions for all species, including humans.  Yes, that is a big goal, but it is within reach! 


Since WorldLife's start in 2003, we have grown into a large multidisciplinary team with the best experts in the world. Together, we can regenerate nature in combination with agriculture, even in regions that are most affected by climate change. 


With innovative technologies and our experts, we can bring (back) nature to even the most depleted, deserted, and eroded land without irrigation. Resulting in incredible impact on people, animals, wildlife, biodiversity, soil, micro-organisms, air, the economy, and so on. 


Sounds great, right? It is! And it is possible. Our project in Kenya proves that.


Keep reading to learn more and see how you can benefit from it. 

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What we do

Nature is life 

Without nature we don’t have food, we can’t breathe, we can’t live. 

Over the years, humans have been taking too much from Mother Nature and as a consequence, we’re now facing huge challenges. 


Nature is the solution to many current problems 

We initiate, organize, and facilitate indigenous nature (re)generation projects that offer solutions to many climatic challenges and come with a lot of extra benefits.


Regenerating our planetary ecosystems through indigenous reforestation and afforestation projects in extremely dry areas. That is what we do. The regeneration of indigenous and endemic nature ensures improving life conditions for all species, including humans. Each project is tailor-made and has a positive impact on many levels, such as water regulation, erosion regulation, water waste treatment, soil formation, food, and cultural values. 


We use organic and biodegradable materials, strengthening ecosystem restoration. Through the use of natural and endemic materials, we stimulate the return of ecosystems carefully and organically, so that biodiversity can develop rapidly, and the fertility of the soil returns and is preserved more quickly. 

Our method

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Mother Nature's perspective 

We look at things from Mother Nature's perspective. Many problems caused by climate change, can be solved if we regenerate our planetary ecosystem through indigenous reforestation and afforestation projects. This will improve life conditions for all species, offering food security and water regulation. 


Tools & expertise

Using patented tools and our own developed methods, we can grow a forest in every environment. Even in the driest areas of the world, like the desert. Without irrigation.

Together with our experts, we create tailor-made projects based on each area's needs, wishes, challenges, soil, possibilities, and culture.  


Work & thrive together

If we help Mother Nature do what she does best, all species in the world will be able to live & thrive from it. For our projects, we work closely with the local communities. They are the first to benefit from the project. On top of that, we use our strong international network to make each project a success. From experts and implementers, to royal families, government, high end decision-makers, investors, and business relations. We thrive together

What's in it for you?

Some of the benefits

Bring back and protect nature, people & economy.

Planting the right trees and plants brings a large amount of benefits.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Water & climate regulation 

  • Food security 

  • Moderation of extreme events (such as wildfires)

  • Return of natural resources

  • Local products (with export possibilities)

  • Recreation & (eco)tourism

  • Emissions reduction

  • Increase in value 

  • Improve 15 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals 

  • Interesting for investors

Revenue streams

Income will come from:

  • Selling products (such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, oil, cork) 

  • Carbon credits

  • Thriving economy (new residents, their residency, and living)

  • Tourism

  • Increase in value (land, business, gross national product, national net worth)

Bring back and protect nature, people & economy. Planting the right trees and plants brings a large amount of benefits. ​ Som
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Some other significant improvements we noticed are:
  • Access to water (even in the driest areas in the world)

  • Healthier environment

  • Increase in employment (job security)

  • Farmers secure their land & living, bringing them a future for this and the next generations

  • Return of quality of life in depleted, deserted, and eroded areas

  • Slowdown of urbanization

  • Return of biodiversity (and all its benefits)

  • Return of animals 

Why WorldLife?

Let's reach goals together

  • Proven track record & high profile references

  • Able to grow a forest in even the driest areas in the world, without irrigation and chemicals

  • One-stop-shop: we handle everything from A to Z

  • We support you reach (most) of your sustainability development goals (15 out of 17)

  • WorldLife puts local communities at the center 

  • Together with our experts we always find the right solution for every ecological and environmental challenge

  • Ongoing monitoring, reporting, evaluation, optimization, and support

  • We design and execute a new sustainable vision and business model; seen from Mother Nature's perspective

  • Our knowledge will be shared with local communities and other relevant parties. They will become able to take care of the projects (now and in the future). We share our knowledge to change the human mindset on how we live together with nature

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